Té verde a granel: Mezclas / Aromatizados 

Té verde  a granel: Mezclas / Aromatizados
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Genmaicha, Pororo tea, people's tea, poor tea. Although today it is consumed by all sectors of society,...
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Green tea, orange bark, juniper berries, lemongrass, cranberries, strawberry, rose petals, aroma.
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Relaxing and digestive infusion that never disappoints lovers of green tea.
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Green tea with Jasmine is the world's most popular scented Chinese blend. We present it with flowers and...
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Sencha green tea with tangerine shell, bamboo leaves, safflower petals and Litchi aroma.
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Green tea with mint is an ideal tea to refresh the body in the middle of summer and is also ideal for...
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