Turkish Passion

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One of the most pleasant tisanas to take for after eating or snacking for its digestive and relaxing effects.

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An infusion that will captivate you, just by seeing its ingredients you know that it will take you to moments of pleasure and relaxation. The combination of apple and pineapple make it a complete, delicate and tasty infusion to which you can add a few touches of cinnamon and make it a real pleasure for the senses. Ideal to drink accompanied by sweets, small cupcakes or cakes, a delicious combination to enjoy a different snack.
AllergensMay contain traces of nuts, milk and soy.
Added aromasSi
IngredientsApple, sugary pineapple cubes.
Sales Format:Bulk
Recomendaciones:Importante: Sigan las instrucciones de preparación. Sólo de ésta manera obtendrá un alimento seguro.

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