Citrus Red Tea

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Within the aromatized red teas we should highlight this delicious and refreshing blend. It can be the ideal infusion to say goodbye to a quiet and pleasant sunset.

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Tea from the mountains of Yunnan, Pu erh, with a manufacturing process different from the rest of the teas: oxidation and fermentation. Pu erh is a region of China where its fermented or aged teas called red tea are famous in the West. For the base of our citrus red tea we have selected a premium tea from a special fermentation process arriving has been several days within a type of bag to be fermented. In this way you can create a tea with subtle and complex flavors with a pleasant texture.
Caffeine Si
Allergens May contain traces of nuts, milk and soy.
Added aromas Natural aromas.
Ingredients Premium red tea, orange bark, lemongrass, car chart flowers, natural aromas.
Ecological No
Sales Format: Bulk, pyramid ensobrada, unobstructed pyramid

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