The Book of La QuintEssence du thé


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With the Book La QuintEssence du thé you will discover the interaction of the senses in the tea tasting and you will not miss any details of this complex plant. Tea such as wine has its specificities due to Terroir, the manufacturing process etc. and the senses play a crucial role in the tasting.

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The Book La QuintEssence du thé has been written to guide you through the world of tea and to explain how to use the Tea Tasting Initiation Chest. It is the only book that deals with the tasting of tea through the 5 senses, thanks to it you can start by working specifically each of the senses and thus improving the quality and pleasure of your tastings.
It's about the tea leaf tour and it initiates you to the sensory mechanisms of tasting.
Tasting tokens describing a selection of signature teas are available for tasting.
It is a work translated into Spanish of 82 illustrated pages edition La QuintEssence SAS / measurements: 23.5cm x 9cm.

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