Special English Breakfast.

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Mixture of black teas from the origins of Ceylon Lumbini BOPA and Organic Assam and 20% premium red tea. Mix designed to please lovers of the English palate. It is also ideal for drinking alone, with lemon, cold or as a base for a cocktail.

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It is the trade name used to recognize that it is a tea that pleases the English palate, a tea for breakfast, that is, a tea to add milk to taste, although it is usually consumed alone. It is a mixture of different types of black teas and that in its origins were added 3 different origins. Our English breakfast SP is unique as we have replaced the percentage of one of the black teas with 20% Premium red tea from Pu erh. This tea adds a creamy touch, and notes of soto bosque. We also added 40% black Ceylon tea that provides citrus and mellow notes , (from the best tea factory in the world "Lumbini Factory tea") and another 40% of an Indian tea with character and spicy notes from ecological gardens of the Assam region.
AllergensMay contain traces of nuts, milk and soy.
Added aromasNo
IngredientsCeylon Lumbini BOP A, Eco-friendly Assam, Pu erh Premium
Sales Format:Bulk, pack of 15 pyramids, pack of 2nd pyramids

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