Special English Breakfast.

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Mixture of black teas from the origins of Ceylon Lumbini BOPA and Organic Assam and 20% premium red tea. Mix designed to please lovers of the English palate. It is also ideal for drinking alone, with lemon, cold or as a base for a cocktail.

4,15 €tax incl.

It is the trade name used to recognize that it is a tea that pleases the English palate, a tea for breakfast, that is, a tea to add milk to taste, although it is usually consumed alone. It is a mixture of different types of black teas and that in its origins were added 3 different origins. Our English breakfast SP is unique as we have replaced the percentage of one of the black teas with 20% Premium red tea from Pu erh. This tea adds a creamy touch, and notes of soto bosque. We also added 40% black Ceylon tea that provides citrus and mellow notes , (from the best tea factory in the world "Lumbini Factory tea") and another 40% of an Indian tea with character and spicy notes from ecological gardens of the Assam region.
Caffeine Si
Allergens May contain traces of nuts, milk and soy.
Added aromas No
Ingredients Ceylon Lumbini BOP A, Eco-friendly Assam, Pu erh Premium
Ecological No
Origin Sri Lanka, India, China
Sales Format: Bulk, pack of 15 pyramids, pack of 2nd pyramids

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