Culinary grade matcha. Bag 200 Gr.

LT111 - 09121 C. Pref: 09/23

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Japanese matcha green tea of the culinary grade. It is a tea made from Bancha and Sencha quality tea

18,71 €tax incl.

Matcha grade green tea of the culinary grade. It is a powdered tea made from low/medium quality strands from varieties different from those collected for ceremonial Matcha. This type of culinary tea is intended for the creation of matcha latte drinks, smoothies, ice creams, pastries, sauces, soups, soft drinks and juices based on green tea powder. Contains no added sugar.

Caffeine Si
Allergens Allergen-free
Added aromas No
Ingredients Green tea powder
Ecological Si
Origin Japan
Sales Format: 200g package

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