Matcha Blend Superior AAA. Origin: Japan. 25g


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Our new Matcha comes from Japan and is composed of a Blend of 4 incredible varietals, manufactured and licked to produce one of the best ceremonial teas in the world. Coming from rested Tenchas, the new Usucha grade "Matcha Classic" is composed of varietals: Asahi, Ujihikari, Saemidori and Samidori.

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Matcha is a powdered tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony (cha no yu or Sado). High quality Matcha has an intense, creamy taste, without astringency or bitterness, contrary to popular belief. Its collection is carried out after the shady method: type Gyokuro. The tencha that is the separate material after removing the ribs from the leaves, are reduced to dust with the mill stones (special only for Matcha Tea for ceremonial use) in order to become Matcha, sometimes called in the sai-kako-cha tea industry, "re-processed tea". There are many Matcha teas with the surname Premium, ceremonial etc. Only when you try a tea of this quality will you realize that there are two types of Matcha: culinary use (basic, excellent and premium) and ceremonial use (all Premium). Perhaps those surnames correspond to premium teas for culinary use and not for ceremonial use. If you want to get out of doubt, we invite you to find your point of no return in Japanese Matcha tea.

AllergensNo allergens
Added aromasNo
IngredientsGreen tea powder
Sales Format:Bulk
Tasting noteFrutos secos sin tostar: anacardo, nuez de macadamia, algas marinas,

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